Privacy Policy

At Norfolk Straw & Bunting & Sons we take your privacy and our responsibility to protect your personal information seriously.

Please find below the details of our policy, with consideration given to transparency and accessibility which are the key principles of GDPR. Where our partners have access to your data such as our web hosts and card processors for example we have reviewed their policies and confirm that they are applicable to our needs. Copies of which are available by request.

By "your personal information" we mean data that is unique to you or your business such as your name, title, business title, home and / or business addresses and contact numbers and personal / business email addresses.

We will keep your information for as long as we have a contract with you and for as long as we need to satisfy regulatory purposes.

We do not share any of your information with third parties unless it is to a body that has legal right to that information. We are permitted by law to disclose information to the Police, Courts, Bailiffs and receivers. We may also share your information with our professional advisors such as the bank or solicitors in order to obtain advice in relation to our relationship with you.

How we use your personal information for the following purposes:

Where is necessary to use your information to provide our services to you. Contractual necessity.
To carry out credit checks to help us decide whether to enter into contract with you and to evaluate our ongoing relationship with you. Legitimate interests.
Where we hold membership to quality assurance schemes and traceability is required with regards to visited premises. Legitimate interests.
For the purpose of disease prevention, bio-security and traceability with regards to visited premises. Legal obligation & legitimate interests.
For the prevention and/or investigation and detection of a crime and/or fraud. Legal obligation & legitimate interests.
To analyse and improve the running of our business. Legitimate interests.
Where we use mapping to identify location of premises regarding the application of agri-chemicals and our nitrate vulnerable zones. Contractual necessity, legitimate interests & legal obligation.
To market and sell to you our products and services that we think may interest you. Legitimate interests.

Under the data protection legislation individuals have a right to: