Equine Bedding

Norfolk Straw are large stockists of Equine Bedding.

We stock

Rape Straw Bedding, Wheat Straw Bedding, Wood Shavings. Wood Shavings & Straw Mix. Cardboard Bedding. 

Example prices shown are subject to alteration without prior notice, for current stock prices or bulk orders please contact the office at 01362 693398 for further details.

Sundown Chopped Rape Bedding with eucalyptus

Price: £6.75

Double dust extracted, treated for spores with a lovely eucalyptus scent, 130L

Sundown Chopped Straw and Woodflake Bed with eucalyptus

Price: £7.45

Milled Straw and Soft Woodflake Bed, treated for spores and eucalyptus scented , our best selling Equine Bedding.130L



Sundown Chopped Straw Bedding with eucalyptus

Price: £6.75

Very absorbent, Added Eucalyptus Fragrance, Double Dust Extracted  Easy to Spread

Sundown Gold Large White Shavings

Price: £7.95

Purpose made Shavings, Not a by product or waste material Dust Extracted. A careful blend of large & small flakes to provide a good bed for your horse. 

Pearce Ecobed

Price: £8.10

Barley Straw

Price: £2.75

Barley straw is available in Conventional Bales or Mini Hesston Bales 80x70

Bedmax Bedding

Price: £8.25

Bedmax Shavings & Littlemax Shavings.  Dust free shavings

Snow Flake Soft Chip 20kg

Price: £7.80

Snowflake Soft Chip Shavings