Twine & Netwrap Sales

Norfolk Straw offers a complete range of top quality Twines Netwrap & Silage Film.

Top Brands always in stock, Cordex & Cotesi.

Being a contractor and an end user for many years in the business we have tested most of the products available on the market. Also, having operated most types of balers in our time we are able to give you honest and professional advice regarding your harvest consumables.  

The full Cordex range of produts are supplied by Norfolk Straw.


        Hesston Twine 7200,7600,8600,Ultra Grip.

        Conventional 12000,10000,9250.


         Fine 22300


         Netex 3000m,3600M

         Netexxtreme 3600m


       750mmx1500mm  Black & Green

       500mmx1800mm  Black & Green